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What we do

Consulting for Organisations:- Shaping businesses for tomorrow´┐Żs challenges; Putting conversation back into communication; Creating innovative business solutions.

Team Facilitation:- Identifying new ways of working; Building relationships; Improving communication; Increasing awareness of self and others.

Coaching for Managers:- Creating the space and time to think and act; Focusing on solutions; Implementing in the long term; Achieving confidence and results; Following up.

We specialise in supporting businesses to develop and implement strategies for success. We're passionate about potential, and provide a range of practical services that enable organisations, teams and individuals to achieve theirs.

Who we are

Marian is a chartered business psychologist with a 20 year track record of managing, leading change and facilitation. She constructively challenges executives and top teams to think out of the box. Marian believes that individuals are at the core of successful business, and acts as a catalyst to optimise potential in individuals and teams. She uses an incisive approach to focus on results, increases self-awareness and creates robust and trusting partnerships. Marian's work consistently enables both individuals and their organisations to transform current situations into visionary futures. Marian has worked in public, private and voluntary sectors.

Marian has a BA and MSc in Psychology, is a Chartered Business Psychologist, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and an accredited Business Coach.

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